Lawn Aeration to Help Your Lawn Breathe

Simply maintaining your lawn isn’t good enough for the team at our lawn maintenance company. The staff at Southern Green is constantly striving to improve the beauty and integrity of your lawn as well. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to make sure that the proper nutrients and oxygen are circulating freely beneath your soil. That is where our lawn aeration services come into play.

Working with our lawn aeration company, you can rest easy knowing that your entire lawn is getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy and attractive. Our lawn aerator provides these services to customers located throughout the community of Jacksonville.

Working with Our Lawn Aerator

Lawn aeration occurs with our specialists perforate your soil with tiny holes that allow nutrients, such as air, water, and fertilizers, to seep deep into the roots of your grass. This process helps roots to create a stronger hold in the soil so your plants can grow much more vibrantly. If you notice that your lawn is not growing enough grass, then lawn aeration is the perfect solution to help you improve grass growth and produce a more uniform look across your entire lawn.

What type of properties needs the help of our lawn aerator? Typically, if your home is one of the stomping grounds for neighborhood kids or other heavy foot traffic, you are going to need the assistance of our lawn aeration services. All of this commotion on your lawn can compact the soil, which prevents the necessary air and nutrients from circulating properly to the grassroots, which causes your patchy, discolored grass.

Lawn Aeration Service

Thanks to our aeration services, you don’t have to keep your kids from enjoying the sun and fun in your yard to get a beautiful lawn. Our specialists are ready to provide you with the lawn aeration services you need to solve airflow issues so you can see greener grass and more even growth even if your property is the neighborhood hangout.

Lawn aeration services are also very helpful for when your lawn has seen a lot of heavy rainfall. Blockages in your soil can prevent water, soil, and other nutrients from getting to where they need to go and our aeration services can help. Not only does our lawn aerator improve the health of your yard, but we can also improve the drainage of water into the soil.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits that come with our lawn aeration services. Our lawn aeration company is ready to assist customers located throughout the community of Jacksonville.