Bermuda Grass Cultivars – Lawn Care Jacksonville FL

One of the most widely used warm-season grasses, bermudagrass, is a great selection for Florida properties. While commonly used on athletic fields and golf courses, this turfgrass is also perfect for high-end residential and commercial properties. In addition to providing you with lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, the team at Southern Green is here to provide you with relevant info about this unique grass and its many cultivars.

There are a number of different bermudagrass cultivars out there. Typically, you’ll find bermudagrass out in the wild. This option is normally found in pastures and on the side of the road. Unlike the kind you see on athletic fields, this grass has coarse leaves and is not as high-maintenance. It has a light green color to it and is available by seed and sod. Many people will mix this lawn with bahiagrass for low-utility applications.

There are a vareity of other seeded varieties available, including Cheyenne, Sahara, Jackpot, and Sundevil options. These newer cultivars are known for their dark green color, deep roots, high root density, and texture that is less coarse than common bermudagrass. These varieties are ideal for lawns, parks, and sports fields. If you install any of these grasses on your landscape, you can certainly contact our team to provide you with dependable lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.

Using this quality grass is ideal for individuals seeking a grass that will establish rapidly and outcompete most weed species. When you hire us for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, our team will pay attention to the grass you are using and provide you with custom fertilizers and more to help you maintain a beautiful landscape.

Whether you have a landscape featuring bermudagrass or are interested in learning more about caring for bermudagrass, you can hire the team at Southern Green to assist you. Our business provides lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida cities. When you request our services, you can have us provide you with lawn aeration and pest control or fertilization and ornamental tree care. Contact us today at (904) 726-0880 for more information about lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.