Best Mowing Practices – Lawn Care in Tampa

One of the most important foundations of lawn care is making sure it’s is properly mowed. After you have picked out your new mower, make sure you follow the best mowing practices to ensure your landscape looks perfect. Southern Green, one of the top providers of lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando, has put together some excellent mowing tips for you. By following these rules, you’ll have no problem taking care of your landscape.

Mow in Different Directions – When you mow your lawn, make sure you mow in a different direction every time. Doing this helps reduce the possibility of scalping, makes sure that the grass doesn’t always lay in the same direction, and puts a stop to wear patterns. Whether you are doing lawn care in Tampa or in Jacksonville, you should always be mindful of your mowing directions.

Take Care of Your Lawn Mower –Follow the mower manufacturer recommendations before and after mowing your lawn to ensure you are getting a great cut every time. This means keeping up with lawn mower blade sharpening schedules and washing your mower after every use to reduce rusting and put a stop to weed seed movement. Furthermore, it will guarantee that your lawnmower will work efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

Wait for Your Lawn to Dry – You should never mow your lawn when the landscape is wet. A wet lawn can clog your machine, make your clippings clump, and prevent the mower from properly cutting the blades of grass. Furthermore, it’s not safe to mow a wet lawn. You can easily slip on grass clippings, doing damage to your landscape and yourself. Keep this in mind when doing lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and other Florida cities.

You don’t have to take care of your lawn by yourself! Southern Green offers unparalleled lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando. Take a look at the many services we have to offer and learn more about taking the best care of your lawn. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with our lawn care in Tampa and other Florida cities.