Causes of Thatch in Florida Lawns – Lawn Care in Tampa

Thatch, a layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between green vegetation and the soil surface, can cause serious problems in Florida lawns. When you have too much thatch on your landscape, it is harder to properly mow your lawn, can provide a habitat for insects, and restrict water and air from reaching the soil. Our Southern Green specialists, who are known for providing pest control and lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando, want to help you put an end to thatch in your lawn by helping you understand why it happens.

Thatch is a residue problem that occurs in most Florida grasses. Excessive plant growth is the main contributor to the buildup of thatch. When new grass covers the old grass, residue is accumulated and thatch occurs. If the soil environment is not favorable for bacterial and fungal growth by pH control, the rate of decomposition decreases in your lawn and the thatch will continue to grow and cause problems. It should be noted that many landscapers believe that leaving clippings on your lawn contributes to thatch, but our research does not support this belief.

Fertilizing your lawn too often, letting your grass grow, and watering more than necessary are some of the biggest contributors to thatch. You should discuss these issues with your specialist when you come to us for lawn care in Tampa. We can assist you with effective control methods that include cultural practices, such as scalping, vertical mowing, and power raking, to take care of these problems.

When thatch becomes a problem and you want to talk to someone about lawn care in Tampa or your Florida city, you can rest assured that the dedicated crew at Southern Green is available to assist you. We have years of experience working with Florida lawns, performing aeration services, making sure you receive the proper fertilization services for your landscape, and helping you with pests like fire ants. You can call us at (904) 726-0880 and make an appointment for lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando. It is our duty to transform your landscape into something unique and wonderful.