Controlling Weeds with Mulch

lawn care tampaAre you having problems with weeds on your landscape? There are a lot of control methods you can do to take care of them, such as mowing, pulling, and herbicide application. If you are having weed problems in your garden, footpaths, or any other areas where grass does not usually grow, mulch may be the natural answer to your problems.

Laying down a mulch of non-living materials to prevent light from reaching the ground is a very effective way to fight weeds. You can put down a wide array of mulching materials, such as straw, sawdust, hay, plastic film, and the traditional wood chips. By laying down a minimum of 2 inches of this material, you’ll find that this is a very effective, long-term way to fight weeds. It is important to remember that your mulch can move, so you should be mindful while mowing around these areas. Mulch can cause accidents that may hurt someone or ruin your hard work when hit by a mower.

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