Dealing with Insects – Lawn Pest Control in Tampa, FL

Insect infestations can feel like one of the most significant problems with your lawn, but it is essential to know that not all insects are there to damage your lawn. Some insects can be beneficial, while others are most certainly pests. You need to understand and know the difference. When you start to notice brown spots on your lawn or that your grass has been eaten, you can contact the professionals at Southern Green. Our team is known for providing lawn pest control in Tampa, FL. We also work on lawns in Jacksonville, Orlando, and South Florida.

Some of the most prominent pests Floridians have to deal with include chich bugs, grass scales, and spittlebugs. These creatures are known to live on plant foliage, sucking the juices from your grass and killing your lawn. Taking care of these bugs as soon as possible is crucial. If you wait too long, they could kill your entire landscape. You should also be mindful of other grass-eating pests, such as grass loopers, armyworms, and sod webworms.

On the other hand, there are plenty of beneficial creatures you might want to let live on your lawn. Spiders, anthrocorids, and nabids will feed on harmful pest and make sure that the population does not get out of hand. That said, it is important to know when an infestation has gotten out of hand. At that point, you should contact us for lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, and other Florida cities. We will assess the situation and do what we can to make sure the pests are sufficiently removed from your landscape.

Your lawn is important and it is up to you to do what is best for your grass. When you hire Southern Green for lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, you are working with a team that has more than 18 years of experience helping Floridians take care of their landscape. Not only do we offer pest control services, you can also come to us when you need fertilization, ornamental tree care, and aeration services. Make an appointment to meet with a specialist today and discover how we can assist you.