Establishing a Bahiagrass Landscape – Orlando Lawn Care

Living in the Southeastern United States, you have limited grass options. That said – you have access to unique grasses that you won’t find in other cities and states throughout the country. Bahiagrass is one of those unique selections. Valued for its exceptional drought and heat tolerance, this durable, low-growing, and low-maintenance grass is ideal for your home. Southern Green, your source for Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando lawn care, are here to help you establish your own lawn of bahiagrass.

Your first step to establishing a bahiagrass lawn is to figure out what method you want to use to establish it. Most people choose to use sod or seed when starting their landscape. Seed is the most cost efficient and effective method, as it is very affordable and does not require a lot of labor. Bahiagrass sod, on the other hand, costs more than other grasses and involves a lot more time working in the sun. Many lawn care professionals – including our Orlando lawn care specialists – do not recommend using plugging or sprigging methods, as these methods leave the open soil areas vulnerable to weed infestations.

Once you have chosen your establishment method, you should start planting during the spring or early summer months. When you plant at these times, you are giving your new grass a chance to really establish roots before the cooler winter weather begins. Growth is reduced during the winter. Plan on irrigating your new landscape regularly during these first few months.

Has your new bahiagrass lawn started to grow? Don’t mow it yet! You should let your new grass grow for a while, as it still needs a lot of time to work itself into the soil. If you aren’t sure that your lawn is ready, you can consult one of our Orlando lawn care specialists for assistance.

After establishing your lawn, you’ll need someone to take care of it. The Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando lawn care professionals at Southern Green offer lawn treatments that include aeration, pest control, fertilization, and weed control services. Contact us today for more information about the many services we provide. We provide treatment services all over the state, including Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando lawn care assistance.