Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in need of lawn ant control in Jacksonville, FL? Maybe you just want to ask about lawn care?  No matter the question, the team at Southern Green is happy to answer. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you are seeking about issues related to yard ant control, watering your lawn, and weed problems.  Take a look at these questions to learn more about our exceptional services.

When you are ready to receive lawn care in Jacksonville or lawn ant control in Jacksonville, FL, you can count on the crew at Southern Green. We feature an enthusiastic team of specialists that is ready to provide you with the personalized lawn, shrub, and yard ant control services in many areas throughout Jacksonville. Contact us to discuss your lawn care needs and have one of our specialists take care of your lawn today!

Q: How do I get rid of fire ants in my yard?
A: We have a couple of options for fire ant treatments.  With your lawn program, fire ants are treated on every visit.  Existing mounds will be eliminated and new mounds will show up nearby.  The good news is that with continuous service and applications those mounds will become fewer and fewer over time.  Fire ant bites can be painful, annoying, or sometimes very serious. For lawns with severe problems or for those looking for an immediate fix please inquire about our once a year fire ant program.
Q: What are some signs of pests in my lawn?
A: You can often tell if you have a pest problem in your lawn because you will see thinning grass or visible insects. You may also notice the ground becoming soft or spongy. Our technicians are well trained to identify these and other signs of bug activity that can pop in your lawn. Any time you have a concern or see something that doesn’t quite look right, don’t hesitate to ask your technician, send us an email, or call.
Q: I have tried store-bought sprays and bug control products, but I still have roaches in my house. What do I do?
A: Roaches in Florida are difficult to control because they can survive almost anything. At Southern Green USA, we have developed a proven strategy to not only eliminate roaches from your home but also to protect your home from future roaches and pests.
Q: How often should I water my lawn?
A: Your lawn requires 3/4 inch to 1 inch of water per watering session.  The frequency of these waterings often depends on the time of year and can also be affected by rainfall. We will leave you with watering instructions on every visit as well as reminders to always check your irrigation system for proper coverage and output.
Q: Do I need to stay off my yard after it has been treated?
A: You can enjoy your lawn almost immediately after we have treated it. Depending on the weather your lawn will dry within 15 minutes. We want our services to help you and your family to enjoy your lawn, not to prohibit you from your beautiful yard. Unless otherwise instructed for very specific services, you can start enjoying your lawn as soon as we’re done.
Q: Why do I still have weeds after your treatment?
A: Weed control is an ongoing battle and a very important part of what we do. Different weeds decline at different rates and with a continuous treatment plan you will see excellent results in controlling weeds in your lawn.  Remember if you have areas in the lawn that don’t have much grass, constantly stay wet, or have an abundance of weeds to start with, then resodding, making changes in your irrigation schedule, and continuous treatment can be required.  During the summertime and periods of intense heat, weed control may not be able to be applied.  Our technicians will communicate with you on what you should expect for the best results. Grassy weeds (like nutsedge) will always require continuous applications over time and can be much more difficult than broadleaf weeds.
Q: Why should I have my lawn aerated?
A: Lawn aeration helps the flow of nutrients, air, and water to circulate to the roots of the grass. This process helps increase growth and health in the grass, ultimately creating a beautiful lawn for you and your family to enjoy.