Fertilization for Drought Tolerance – South Florida Lawn Care

As the weather changes all over the world, it is crucial that you prepare your landscape for any weather event. You may want to always fertilize and irrigate your landscape, but you may be doing damage to your turfgrass. Our Southern Green experts, the team you rely on when you are seeking South Florida lawn care services, recommends building up the drought tolerance of your landscape. By being mindful of irrigation, mowing, pest control, and fertilization techniques, you will make sure that your grass will look great no matter how dry it gets.

Before you start to fertilize your lawn, it is vital that you know how your grass responds to nitrogen fertilization. These fertilizers are good for growth, but excessive amounts can make the lawn grow too lush and green. Because it begins to rely on this fertilizer for growth, it will undo any irrigation and mowing drought conditioning you have done. The key to fertilizing with nitrogen is to give it just enough that it has a small amount of continuous growth. You should keep this in mind when receiving South Florida lawn care services.

There are other fertilizers that you can rely on to improve the drought tolerance for your landscape. Potassium fertilization is one of the best options for drought conditioning, as this fertilizer increases root growth and helps your turfgrass develop thicker cell walls to control water loss. You can also add supplemental iron to your landscape, which helps improve rooting and keeps your grass green without ruining your conditioning. Make sure you test your soil at the local county extension office to see what kinds of nutrients are needed for your lawn.

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