Fertilizing Your Landscape with Compost

lawn care st petersburg flMany people have heard of using compost as an organic lawn fertilizer, but they do not know how to use it. Compost is an organic, carbon-containing product that has gone through some period of decay. Generally, it will consist of vegetative matter, sewage sludge, cottonseed meal, and peat, amongst other materials.

When you are using compost before planting, you should add it directly to the soil. If you make sure that some of the larger material has been screened out, you can apply ½- to 1-inch of your compost as a topdressing to your lawn. When you purchase commercial organic compost in the store, you should check the sides of the packaging for a nutrient analysis label to see what nutrients it will add to your soil. If you choose to make your own compost, it is important to have it tested periodically to make sure there are beneficial nutrients being provided. Compost will always contain carbon and nitrogen, but you may need to find an additional source of nitrogen and additional plant nutrients.

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