Yard Ant Control Services

Anyone who owns a home knows that dealing with fire ants can be very frustrating. Kids and families want to be free to run through the yard without having to worry about ants biting them, while homeowners hate to see their lawn destroyed by ant hills and other problems. When you are having issues with fire ants, you can count on the dedicated team at Southern Green, we offer yard ant control services for property. We offer lawn pest control in Jacksonville, FL.

Taking Care of Fire Ants in Your Yard

Our team has had years of experience protecting lawns against fire ants and work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with our yard ant control services. Many lawn companies will only spray down your yard, taking care of the ants that are on top of your lawn. Our business goes to the next level by targeting the actual ant mounds. By focusing on the mounds, we are able to prevent colonies from growing and forming new ant mounds.

Trust Our Pest Control Specialists

Working with the team at Southern Green means working with some of the best in the business. We always make sure that our business hires talented staff members who are able to assist with your issues. This shows when one of our skilled technicians arrives at your location.

Stop stressing about fire ants and let the team at Southern Green give you peace of mind. Contact us to discuss our services and have one of our team members come to your home. Our business offers exceptional lawn pest control services in Jacksonville, FL.