Florida Pest Problems – Lawn Pest Control in Tampa, FL

Lawn pests are a problem all over the country, but there are distinct issues that property owners in Florida face. From issues with nematodes to problems that lead to lawn disease problems, the team at Southern Green is here to help you. Our company is proud to offer lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and many South Florida cities. We have experience dealing with more than 30 types of nuisance insects and stopping them from taking over your lawn or eventually entering your home.

In Florida, each turfgrass has some significant pest problems that limit its use in locations throughout the state. Many home and business owners have to deal with issues related to chinch bugs, mole crickets, and ground pearls. Additionally, they also have issues regarding webworms, billbugs, and spittlebugs. These pests have been shown to cause issues with the landscape that eventually lead to lawn disease problems like brown patch, dollar spot, and gray leaf spot. It is vital that you request lawn pest management services from the professionals at our business to assist you with your needs.

One of the most efficient ways to stop pests in their tracks is to practice common-sense strategies to get rid of these pests. The team at our business is always willing to help you with these issues when you hire us for lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, in addition to our other service areas. Simple things like making sure that you are mowing your lawn to the appropriate height, making sure you do not overwater your yard, and using the proper fertilizer will help stop pests in their tracks.

Are you ready to request lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as other cities throughout the state? Southern Green offers a wide array of control services, including bundle packages. It is our goal to make your lawn look magnificent at all times at a price that you can afford. Furthermore, we offer superb lawn care packages that are sure to keep your lawn green and lush all season long. Contact us today at (904) 726-0880 for more information about our exceptional services.