Grass Clippings and Your Lawn

lawn care tampaDo you use a mower that recycles grass clippings? Many people swear by these types of mowers, while others swear at them, claiming that grass clippings ruin lawns. We have good news for the people who have mulching mowers – our research has shown that clippings are beneficial to your landscape!

When it comes to your Florida lawn, it is a wise idea to mow with a mulching mower. The clippings help recycle the nutrients back to the soil and do not contribute to thatch, as others say. Thatch is the layer of already dead and decomposing organic matter that rests on top of your soil and below the grass leaves. When you contribute clippings to the ground, they are readily decomposed by microbial action. This means you won’t have to deal with the clippings, as thatch is typically made up of stems, rhizomes, and other hard to degrade components. With that said, if you have issues with thatch and notice your clippings are beginning to clump, you can rake them to make sure they are distributed evenly.

Whether you believe in recycling the clippings or always spend time bagging after you mow the lawn, you can find exceptional lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and South Florida from the talented team at Southern Green.