Improving the Root System – Lawn Care in Tampa

There are many ways to keep your landscape looking lush and lovely all season long. From regular mowing to making sure you are properly fertilizing your lawn, you have to be vigilant and well-informed when you are taking care of your lawn. The team at Southern Green is here to help you, offering lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville, FL. In addition to providing you with lawn treatment services, we want to share information with you about taking care of your grass.

When you are working to improve the stress tolerance of your grass, it is vital to encourage maximum root growth. A strong root system allows your grassroots to reach deep into the soil, getting the necessary water and nutrients needed to grow strong. With deep roots, the lawn will have access to a large supply of carbon that will help it recover in times of stress. In addition to starting lawn care in Tampa, here are some ways you can improve your root system:

  • Be Mindful of Nitrogen – When you use too much nitrogen on your landscape, it can reduce the lawn’s tolerance to stresses, as well as the growth of roots to shoots. When you choose us for lawn care in Tampa, be sure to discuss this aspect with your specialist.
  • Properly Irrigate Your Landscape – Making sure that are always watering your lawn on an as-needed basis is necessary for success when taking care of any Florida landscape. It’s a good idea to water less frequently, but you should water for longer when you do. If you irrigate your lawn too often, you will cause the root system to stay higher in the ground.
  • Know the Proper Mowing Height – It’s very important to know the proper mowing height for your grass. If you mow the lawn too low, you will reduce the root growth.

Taking care of your lawn starts with a strong root system. Once you have your roots in place, it’s all about maintenance. Let the Southern Green team provide you with lawn care in Tampa and other cities across Florida. We offer custom services for your lawn, including fertilization, weed control, and pest control services. Contact us today to inquire about lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami.