Improving the Wear Tolerance of Your Lawn Through Mowing and Irrigation

Lawn Care St Petersburg FLBuilding a wear-resistant lawn is a wise idea for any Florida homeowner. By monitoring your lawn mowing and irrigation practices, you can improve your landscape with incredible ease.

One of the simplest ways to improve your lawn’s wear tolerance is to let it grow. As a good homeowner, it may not be in your DNA to let your lawn get too shaggy, but letting the grass grow a bit and raising your mower’s height actually helps to increase the shoot tissue to absorb injury, allowing the roots to go deeper. Additionally, mowing a lawn at a low height that is already stressed will cause more damage and potentially kill your grass.

You can also improve the tolerance of your grass by irrigating your lawn less. When you only water your lawn at signs of wilting or damage, you are forcing your roots to go deeper in the ground. This allows the roots to withstand more stress caused by weight from vehicles or activity.

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