Integrated Pest Management Strategies – Lawn Pest Control in Orlando, FL

Dealing with pests is a complex process that requires tact and logic. Once you have hired us for lawn pest control in Orlando, FL, as well as other cities throughout our great state, the Southern Green team can help you develop an integrated pest management, or IPM, strategy for your landscape. Developing an IPM strategy means using your knowledge about the biological, cultural, and chemical strategies for taking care of your landscape.

When you contact us for lawn pest control in Orlando, FL, and other cities, we will review the following when coming up with IPM strategies:

  • Logical Options for Your Lawn – Understanding the type of lawn you have, the types of pests that naturally occur, and how to reduce them in the most logical way is the most important aspect of taking care of your grass. Our staff understands why certain choices are necessary and will take them into account when you come to us for lawn pest control in Orlando, FL.
  • Monitoring Your Landscape – Putting a landscape monitoring system in place lets us know what steps to take, such as when pesticide application is necessary. These systems are generally based on known aesthetic and economic threshold levels, as well as local conditions and your personal needs.
  • Maintaining the Effectiveness of IPM Strategies – Understanding how pest management techniques work for your individual landscape is imperative. When we know what works and what doesn’t work, we are able to make smarter choices in the future. We try not to completely remove all pests, as it is not ecologically or economically wise to do so. Instead, we do what is right for your specific area, changing your program as we care for your lawn.

After developing your IPM, you can count on the team at Southern Green to provide you with excellent lawn pest control in Orlando, FL, as well as other cities. From lawn treatment services and shrub care to getting rid of ants and other pests, our team has years of experience working on a wide array of Florida landscapes. Contact us today for more information about lawn pest control in Orlando, FL, as well as Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and St. Petersburg.