Lawn Care Aeration – Tools of the Trade

Aerating the lawn is one of the many tasks a homeowner must regularly perform to keep their lawn looking green and lush. When you aerate the lawn, you are making sure that your landscape gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Here are some of the tools used to aerate any landscape correctly:

Hand Core Aerator – This selection is one of the most fundamental ways to aerate your lawn. It looks like a pitchfork, but it has two hollow tines that help remove plugs from the ground. To use it, you have to step on the tool’s bridge to push the tines into the ground. Most gardeners and lawn care aeration specialists only use this for small areas, as it would take a long time to do an entire lawn with one of these hand tools.

Garden Tiller Lawn Aeration Attachment – If you own a garden tiller, you can purchase an attachment that will allow you to perform lawn care aeration with incredible ease. There are many different attachments available, allowing people who invested in a tiller to get more out of their machinery. It is important to make sure you are purchasing an attachment that will core the ground, as many of these attachments only slice the lawn.

Core Aerator – Many professionals use a self-propelled core aerator to perform lawn care aeration services. This piece of machinery is as big as a large lawn mower and features rotating hollow tines that remove soil plugs from the ground as you guide it. With one of these tools, you can aerate a standard lawn in about two to four hours. They are available to rent, but you can also contact us to request assistance from a specialist.

Lawn care aeration is just one of the many exceptional services offered by the team at Southern Green. We serve individuals throughout Florida, providing lawn treatments and pest control in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and many South Florida cities. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of lawn care aeration services, as well as to discuss our many additional services.