Lawn Care Aeration – Why It’s Important

Every time you or your family members step on your landscape or you mow the lawn, your soil becomes more and more compact. On the whole, it is okay that your lawn becomes compacted. It is bound to happen through typical wear and maintenance, but eventually, you need to make sure that your soil is loose and has room to breathe through lawn care aeration services. Southern Green provides this and many other lawn care services for homeowners in Jacksonville, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Orlando, as well as many South Florida cities.

When your lawn is aerated, an aerator takes soil plugs from your landscape, which allows compacted soil to move into the extra spaces as the grass grows around it. Doing this gives your landscape the chance to breathe. Florida lawns feature warm-season grasses, so it is essential that you start the lawn care aeration process just before the growing period at the beginning of summer.

When you hire a company like Southern Green for lawn care aeration services, your specialists will use an aeration machine that will take ½-inch plugs at every two to six inches throughout your landscape. The dimensions of your plugs will depend on soil compaction and the type of soil you have. If you are not sure that you need aeration services, you can pull up a small section of grass that is six inches deep to see how deep the roots go. If it is less than two inches, then you need to aerate your lawn.

As a Florida landowner, you know that most soils are very sandy. Because of this, you will most likely only have lawn care aeration services performed only once a month. You should speak with an expert who can take a look at your landscape and make a recommendation based on soil information and how your grass looks.

From aeration services to lawn pest control, the crew at Southern Green is available to assist you with your landscape in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida. Our team has experience taking care of shrubbery and ornamental trees, can provide custom fertilization services, and treat your landscape for grass diseases and problematic pests. Call us at (904) 726-0880 to make an appointment for lawn care aeration services.