Lawn Irrigation and Shade

Lawn Care Tampa | SouthernGreenUSA.comWhen it comes to growing a green, lush lawn, everyone remembers to water it, but creating a balanced irrigation plan is often overlooked.  All sections of your lawn are not created equal, so don’t forget to keep those shaded areas in mind.  Whether you are growing a new lawn or just putting in trees or shrubbery, map out those shady spots before starting your irrigation regiment.

When grass is growing in spots near the home or under trees, it will not need as much water as the grass that is growing in the sun. Once your grass has been planted, keep an eye on these areas to make certain that the grass grows properly. Irrigation heads that are in shady areas should be removed, as it’s best to hand-water these spots. When these parts of your lawn get too much water, it can destroy the roots. If you find growing grass in these areas to be frustrating and difficult, you may want to consider investing in an alternative ground covering option, such as mulch.

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