Maintaining Your Bermudagrass Lawn – Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

Building a beautiful lawn is the goal of many homeowners. In Florida, we have the opportunity to build lush and magnificent landscapes that look spectacular all year long. Southern Green, your source for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, is always looking for ways we can assist you. If you own a bermudagrass lawn, there are a handful of important things you need to do to keep your landscape looking wonderful.

Starting a proper fertilization program for your bermudagrass landscape is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. This turfgrass requires higher levels of fertilization than other grasses. During the two weeks after spring regrowth, you should apply a complete fertilizer featuring nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. From spring to fall, you should be using fertilizer as many as seven times and as little as just three times. It is important that you never fertilizer your grass too early in the season, as a freeze could cause irreparable damage to your landscape. If you are not sure what kind of fertilizer you need, you should contact our team and request lawn care in Jacksonville, FL. We have worked on North Florida landscapes for many years and are always ready to provide you with custom care.

If you have not had a soil test done recently, it is recommended that you visit your local extension service office with soil samples. This office will be able to submit your soil to the UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing Lab for analysis. With this information, you will be able to correctly determine the amount of phosphorus and other essential fertilizers that are necessary for your landscape.

In addition to fertilization, take care to follow the proper cultural landscaping practices, such as mowing regularly, using proper irrigation techniques, and watching out for pests and disease. When you hire us for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, our team can make recommendations and provide additional services that will improve your bermudagrass landscape.

For unparalleled lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, you can turn to the experts at Southern Green. For years, our business has been assisting people all over the First Coast, as well as offering fertilization and lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida. We always offer custom treatments and work hard to make sure your landscape looks perfect. Contact us to learn more about receiving lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.