Making Soil Amendments – Lawn Care Tampa

Preparing and establishing a lawn that looks good and can be properly maintained is a meticulous process. When you are putting together a lawn in Florida, you have to consider a variety of issues that people in other states may not, such as issues relating to grass options, heat, and location. One of the issues that many people don’t think about is the Florida soil. Southern Green, your online source for lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and many South Florida locations, knows all about the issues related to soil. With soil amendments, you can prepare your soil for a new landscape.

The main issue that Florida residents have to face when it comes to soil is that the majority of the area’s soil is sand based. This means that the soil has low water- and fertilizer-holding capacities, as well as very little organic matter in it. When you add additional organic and inorganic amendments to the soil, you are able to increase its ability to hold water, as well as the compaction resistance and cation exchange capacity. When receiving lawn care in Tampa, as well as other Florida cities, you can request info about what options are right for you.

There are many different options for your soil. Peat humus is good for water holding and cation exchange capacity, while additional sand is good for individuals looking for compaction resistance. Additional options include colloidal phosphate, sphagnum peat moss, and sludge. You can consult with us about your soil when you request lawn care in Tampa. It’s important to note that organic amendments like peat and compost are rapidly decomposed by soil microorganisms, so they will not last as long as inert amendments, which are permanent.

Once you have planted your new landscape, you can rely on the team at Southern Green to keep it looking amazing. We offer lawn care in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, making sure that your grass is properly fertilized, keeping pests off your lawn, offering lawn aeration services, and working with your ornamental trees and shrubbery. You can contact us to learn more about receiving lawn care in Tampa or to ask about our many different locations.