Mosquitoes: Are you protected?

It’s a beautiful summer evening. There’s a slight breeze, the sun is going down, and you’re ready to cook out on your back porch. It’s going to be a wonderful family night. But wait!! You can’t even go outside without being swarmed by mosquitoes! The pesky pests will not only ruin your evening, but can possibly pose a potential threat to you and your family.

The dangers of mosquitoes

According to, mosquito bites can transmit diseases such as: Malaria, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Chikungunya. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control report that mosquitoes kill more than a million people per year from Malaria alone. Rates of infection are rapidly increasing, and scientists fear that global warming will translate into tremendous mosquito growth numbers.

Protect your home and family

It’s not enough to just apply bug spray and light citronella candles. They can slow mosquito bites and be mild deterrents, but getting rid of mosquitoes should be your goal. Mosquito treatments from a licensed chemical company can greatly reduce the threat of mosquitoes. These treatments kill a large amount of living mosquitoes as well as egg larvae. Contact the expert technicians at Southern Green today to learn how you can greatly reduce the threat of mosquitoes at and around your home.