Mowing Frequency and Your Lawn

Lawn Care Orlando FLAs we have said before, good mowing habits are the cornerstone to a beautiful lawn. If you do not mow your landscape correctly, you will most certainly have to deal with issues related to pests, weeds, and grass diseases that you would not have otherwise. After making sure you have set your lawn mower at the proper height, you need to make sure you are mowing at the appropriate frequency.

The first step to figuring out how frequently you should mow your lawn is reading about the typical maintenance levels. Bahiagrass and carpetgrass have low maintenance levels, so you will not have to mow as often as zoysiagrass or bermudagrass. Most homeowners have lawns with St. Augustinegrass, which has a medium maintenance level. You also need to take fertilization and irrigation into consideration as well. Grasses that are adequately watered and fertilized may not need to be mowed as often. After mowing, you can leave your clippings on the lawn to keep it healthy.

Keeping your lawn looking perfect all year long starts with services from the crew at Southern Green. We provide exceptional lawn care in Orlando, FL, in addition to Tampa, Jacksonville, and South Florida cities. From simple weed control assistance to fire ant pest control, we are prepared to help you improve your landscape.