Mowing Your Bermudagrass Lawn

lawn care orlando flKeeping your lawn healthy and attractive means making sure that you adopt proper mowing practices. After you have established your landscape of green Bermudagrass and made sure your irrigation system is working properly, it’s time to start properly mowing your lawn.

Typically, your bermudagrass lawn should be mowed to a height of approximately ¾ to 1 ½ inches. If you mow any lower, it leaves the grass more susceptible to weed and pest problems. Depending on your location and the time of year, this may mean mowing your lawn as often as three times a week. You want to make sure that you are mowing it at the highest recommended level possible, as it encourages your grass to develop a better root system. It is recommended that you invest in a reel mower when working with bermudagrass, as the height can be more accurately adjusted. It also has a cleaner cut. If you only have a rotary mower, it is important to make sure the blades are properly sharpened and adjusted properly.

Hire the team at Southern Green to assist you with your bermudagrass landscape. We offer lawn care in Orlando, FL, as well as Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. We are available to assist you with pest problems, as well as fertilization, shrubbery care, and aeration issues.