Pests and Their Effect on Zoysiagrass

lawn pest control orlando flWhen you plant a new lawn of Zoysiagrass, it’s vital that you know about the pest issues you may be facing. From insects and nematodes to grass diseases, knowing what type of problems you will be dealing with ahead of time is very important. Here are just a few of the problems you may face:

  • Hunting Billbugs – Billbugs are the most serious insect problems for Zoysiagrass. These creatures feed on the roots of this grass, causing it to die in oddly-shaped patches. When you have a billbug problem, the solution is periodic chemical control.
  • Nematodes – Some have said that nematodes are the most serious pests when it comes to Zoysiagrass. These microscopic worms are known to attach the grass roots and, when not under control, will eventually kill the entire turf.
  • Grass Diseases – Brown patch, rust, and dollar spot are the biggest disease issues when it comes to lawn disease problems. When you regularly water the landscape and frequently fertilize your lawn, you can fight these issues with ease.

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