Properly Mowing Your St. Augustinegrass Lawn

Lawn Care Jacksonville FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comMowing your lawn is important, but it’s also vital that you mow your lawn to the appropriate length to guarantee that it establishes properly and looks great all year long. The lawn care specialists at Southern Green, the people you rely on for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, in addition to other cities across Florida, are always working hard to make sure you know everything about caring for your landscape, including St. Augustinegrass lawns.

Once you have established a St. Augustinegrass lawn, you should confirm that the grass is maintained at a minimum of 3 ½ inches and a maximum of 4 inches at all times. If you mow any lower than that, you will lower the drought tolerance and make your lawn more vulnerable to pests or weed problems. When you stick to this mowing height, you will help your lawn establish a deeper root system and improve its color. Furthermore, you should sharpen your blades on a regular basis. If you mow with dull blades, the dull cuts will make your lawn look brown and unsightly. All of the color maintenance you do goes right out the window when you cut with a dull blade.

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