Reasons Thatch is a Problem – Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

Did you know that the dead and living shoots, stems, and roots developing between your turfgrass and soil can slowly kill your landscape? It’s called thatch and it’s a real problem. Southern Green, your source for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as many additional cities throughout Florida, wants to help you understand the problems associated with thatch. Here are just some of the possible issues thatch can cause:

  • Your Soil Starts to Suffocate – When you have a lot of dry thatch on your landscape, it will either prevent water from reaching the roots or will get the lawn so wet that your turf will start to develop diseases. When you start to notice that you have dry patches throughout your lawn or cannot keep your lawn wet without flooding it, that’s a real problem that threatens to destroy your entire landscape. Contacting our specialists for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, is your next step!
  • Mowing Becomes Difficult – Thatch makes mowing very difficult. As it builds up, your actual mowing height will start to increase above the soil line. When you use your lawn mower, it will start to sink into the thatch, effectively forcing you to scalp your grass. It will also make your landscape look incredibly uneven, as you will only be scalping the parts of the lawn that are not suffering from thatch problems.
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers Stop Working – One of the less obvious problems associated with thatch is that the pesticides or fertilizers that you are using will stop working. Thatch makes it harder for this important aspect of your lawn care process to reach the roots and the soil, causing erratic landscape responses. When you suspect that you are having this issue, let our team know before you request lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.

The lawn care process is a tough one, but the team at Southern Green is ready to help you. Our business offers lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida. When people want custom fertilization, lawn aeration, and fire ant control help, they know that our team is able to assist in an efficient manner. Contact us today to inquire about lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.