Renovating an Established Lawn

Lawn Care Orlando FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comRenovating your lawn can be a big undertaking. Similar to establishing a new lawn, there are many important steps you must take to get the ground ready for your new grass. Review the following steps to learn more about how you can succeed at a landscape renovation:

  • Reconsider Your Lawn Treatment Processes – If you need to renovate your landscape, there is probably a good reason for it. Take some time to review your treatment and maintenance processes to make sure you are doing the right thing for your lawn.
  • Use Roundup – When you need to remove vegetation from your landscape, you’ll need to use glyphosate, also known as Roundup, to completely remove everything. You should perform two applications within 14 days of each to guarantee that all vegetation is completely removed.
  • Do a Soil Test – If your lawn needs renovation, the soil may be part of the issue. It’s important to make sure you test the soil anytime you put new grass down to determine the pH balance.

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