Should You Hire a Chemical Lawn Care Company or Do it Yourself?

We’ve all been there. Heading to the store to buy overpriced fertilizer, cramming it in your trunk, then taking precious time out of your day to apply it to your lawn. You hope the results will be good, and even if they are, they don’t last long. So, you head back to the store, looking for a miracle product that will enhance the look of your lawn. Yet, you can only buy products with a small amount of potency due to regulations and guidelines. This is exactly why you need a chemical lawn care company to take care of your lawn.

Trust the experts

There is a reason the license for operating a chemical lawn care company is so hard to get. The state of Florida wants to make sure the license holders are absolute experts in their field. This license ensures that the products applied to your lawn will be correct and applied in the proper manner, as well as ensuring that the products are environmentally friendly. Also, the products used by a licensed chemical lawn care company are more complete and have more potency than the products you, as a consumer, can buy over the counter. These products are applied using the right dosage and at the correct times of the year.

Make life easier

Everyone would love to be able to push the easy button. Well, when it comes to the health of your lawn, you can. By signing up for service with a licensed chemical lawn care company, you no longer have to worry about what products to buy for your lawn and when to apply them. It’s all done for you! It’s a no brainer. For less money than you would spend buying over the counter chemicals with less potency, you can have a licensed company take care of your lawn with the proper chemicals at the proper time. See how our licensed professionals at Southern Green can save you time, money, and hassles today.