Sodding Your Lawn – Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

Successfully preparing and establishing a lawn is simple when you work hard and follow the rules. From checking your soil to picking the right grass, there are many steps you must take to establish the perfect lawn. Once you have chosen the grass that works for you, you can establish it through seeding or vegetative propagation. The team at Southern Green, your source for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, has done the research to help you understand these methods. If you have chosen vegetative planting, then sodding may be one of the best options for individuals interested in starting an “instant lawn.”

Sodding is performed by covering the entire seedbed area with grass that has already been grown.  Many people like this method because it seems easier. It should be noted that, without the proper preparation and care, sod can die just as easily as any other plant. Sodding is not always a simple answer. You can speak with our specialists about the right choices when you sign up for lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.

When you purchase your sod, you should make sure that it is stored in a shady and cool area until you are ready to plant it. During this time, you should till, smooth, and moisten the area to prepare the ground. Once you are ready, it’s vital to make sure the sod pieces are fit together as tightly as possible with topsoil filling any cracks. You should also make sure that the root is in contact with the underlying soil. After it has been placed, keep it moist until there is a proper union between the grass and soil. After you have placed it, you can request lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, from our business to make sure your lawn continues to look perfect for many years.

Whether you have just established a new lawn or are just interested in receiving lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, the team at Southern Green is ready to assist you. We offer a wide array of lawn maintenance and care services. These services include pest control, fertilizing, lawn care aeration, and tree and shrubbery care. Contact us today at (904) 726-0880 for more information about receiving lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Miami, Orlando, and many other cities throughout Florida.