St. Augustinegrass Cultivators Part 2

lawn care jacksonville flIn our last post, we highlighted a few of the great St. Augustinegrass cultivators available for your landscape. Today, we are sharing some more selections! Choosing St. Augustinegrass for your lawn does not mean that you have to have the same landscape as your neighbors. Check out these cultivators to make your lawn standout from the crowd:

Seville – This cultivator is a semi-dwarf, fine-leaf variety of St. Augustinegrass that has a dark green color and low growth habit. Because this cultivator has a compact growth habit, it is prone to thatch and typically has shallow rooting.

Bitterblue – For a grass with a fine, dense texture and a dark blue green color, Bitterblue is the cultivator for you. People have been using this variety of St. Augustinegrass since the 1930s, as it has good cold and shade tolerance.

Floratine – An updated version of Bitterblue, this cultivator is known for its fine leaf texture and short growth habit that allows for closer mowing than common St. Augustinegrass. The characteristics are so similar to Bitterblue, many have problems telling the two apart.

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