Starting from Scratch – Re-establishing Your St. Augustinegrass Lawn

Lawn Care St. Petersburg FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comFrom large dead spots to constant weed problems, sometimes you have to give up on your current landscape and start again. By renovating your lawn with new grass, you are able to transform a sad, barren landscape into something spectacular with just a little tender love and care.

The easiest way to renovate your lawn is to put down sod in the large, bare areas of your lawn. You can also plant springs throughout the empty spaces, putting down 2-inch plugs every foot. After you have put the sprigs or sod down, you should keep the areas as damp as possible at all times, doing frequent irrigations until the sod has taken root or the runners begin to develop. After that, you should slowly reduce your irrigation schedule but increase the amount of water you use during each session, putting down about three-quarters of an inch of water each time. By following these rules, you should have a nice, lush lawn in no time.

The time to care for your lawn is now! Our Southern Green specialists know your lawn is important, so we always work hard to keep everything looking fantastic. Hire us for lawn care in St. Petersburg, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.