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Fighting Fire Ants in Florida

3Fire ants are a very real issue for people in Florida. As soon as the sun is out, we want to get out in our yards and enjoy the weather. Your children want to run barefoot in the backyard, playing games and enjoying their new-found freedoms. Adults want to toss the ball around with the kids and work in the garden. You can’t enjoy any of that when you are dealing with fire ants. When you need help fighting fire ants in Florida, you need to come to Southern Green.


If you suspect that you have a fire ant problem, you’ll want to look around your lawn to see if you can find the sources. Fire ants like to build large nests in a variety of areas, such as rotting logs, around trees, under pavement, and inside electrical equipment. They will travel up to 100 feet to find food on your property, going for nearly anything – including but not limited to fruit, sugar, meat, and greasy foods. When you work with our team, we will find the source of these ants and target their actual ant mounds. By doing this, we will prevent colonies from getting larger or forming new mounds.


Stop getting bitten every time you step onto your lawn and receive exceptional fire ant services from our business today. We offer our lawn pest control services in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, South Miami, and a variety of South Florida locations.