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Southern Green supports Kaye’s Kids

At Southern Green, giving back has always been a priority. In over 18 years of business, they have donated thousands of dollars to local and national charities. Along with many other charities, there is one they support year after year.

Started by Mark Kaye, a Jacksonville radio show host, Kaye’s Kids gifts iPads to children in the Jacksonville area suffering from life-threatening illnesses. In December of 2014, Mark and his wife, Pam, partnered with Dreams Come True to start the initiative Kaye’s Kids.

Southern Green owners, Eric Drake and Brad Stowell, took immediate notice of the good that Mark was doing and wanted to know how to help. So, they jumped right in. Over the last 2 years, Southern Green has purchased over 20 iPads for children. These iPads help to brighten the day for children whose days can be very dreary.

Recently, Southern Green supported Mark and Kaye’s Kids once again by purchasing a table at Mark’s charity poker tournament. The tournament alone raised over $15,000 for Kaye’s Kids and Southern Green was a huge part of that success.

“Being able to help Kaye’s Kids and these children is very important to us. To see them smile and know we are helping them in any way means everything,” says owner Eric Drake.

Often, there is more to a business than just day to day operations. And with Southern Green, there is so much more than meets the eye. At Southern Green, giving back to those in need is at the core of their belief system. Eric and Brad instilled this in the heart of the company since day one, and by giving back, continue to make the world a better place.

Choosing Pest-Resistant Turfgrass

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FLTaking care of your lawn is a great way to be a considerate neighbor, as well as increase your property value. When you are establishing a new landscape, you should take time to learn about regionally integrated pest management methods to help you keep your lawn beautiful all year long.

A simple way to build a pest-resistant landscape is by selecting pest-resistant turfgrass. For many years, grass breeders have focused on only looks for breeding, leaving pest resistance as a secondary characteristic. Instead of focusing on just appearances, breeders are now working hard to create cultivars that are made to resist a variety of pests, such as chinch bugs and nematodes. Before you select new grass for your home, you should research what pests are prevalent and see if there is a type of cultivar that is resistant to your area pests and is right for your landscape.

Pest control is a crucial part of any landscape maintenance process. Southern Green provides exceptional lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando. Contact us today at (904) 726-0880 to ask about our pest control services and make an appointment to meet with a specialist. We can help you with mosquitos, spiders, ants, and more.

Put a Stop to Mosquitoes with Our Help

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FLDealing with mosquitos in Florida can be very frustrating. Whether you are an individual with a small piece of land or part of a large family on multiple acres, you may have to deal with a mosquito infestation.

Did you know that mosquitos are the deadliest creatures on the planet? The mosquito is probably best known for the itchy bite it leaves behind, but these creatures are far more dangerous than they seem.  Mosquitos are known for causing outbreaks of many diseases including dengue fever, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and other diseases that have killed people all over the world. The more mosquitos there are around your property, the higher the risk of spreading disease. If someone in or near your home has a weakened immune system or is chronically sick, a mosquito bite can cause serious complications.

When you notice a lot of mosquitos around your home, trust the team at Southern Green to assist you. We provide lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and South Florida. Our team of specialists has been working in this area for many years.  We know how to eliminate mosquitos. You can trust our staff to come to your location and put a stop to these pesky and problematic creatures.

Planning for Pest Management

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comCaring for your lawn and fighting pests or weeds is hard. You should make a game plan so you are prepared for the issues you face. Here are some planning tips for any homeowner:

  • Monitor Patterns – Whether you are looking at what happens with the rain, temperatures, or humidity, you should be paying attention to climatic conditions. These records can help you plan for issues that may happen and fight against problems that may lead to pest infestations, weeds, and other troublesome lawn issues.
  • Use Pesticides When Necessary – As a conscious and dedicated homeowner, you know that using pesticides can be harmful to your property. Using pesticides themselves is not the issue, the problem is that you need to make sure that you use these pesticides sparingly so that your lawn does not rely on pesticides to fight weeds, pest infestation, and more.
  • Keep Personal Records – Having records on what you have done to your lawn and paying attention to the records over the years allows you to understand what your lawn will do in the future. This means that you can prepare for things that happen specifically to your landscape every month and will have the knowledge you need to make the right moves.

When it comes to lawn care, you can rest assured the team at Southern Green will assist you. Our business provides lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and South Florida.

Using Pest-Free Propagating Material

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comStarting an integrated pest management strategy means finding the most logical ways to stop pests from infesting your landscape. There are many different IPM control tactics you can take that cover cultural, biological, and chemical strategies. Amongst these options is using pest-free propagating material.

Perhaps the easiest method of preventing pest infestation, pest-free propagating material is the perfect way to fight pests in your landscape. This is material, such as seeds, sprigs, and sod, which is completely free of pests. The state of Florida has a program to certify these materials.  Each bag of seed must include purity and germination percentage information, as well as info about weeds. If you are installing grass from sprigs or sod, you should take the time to check it for weeds, fire ants, or any other pests. You can also ask to see the results from a nematode assay of the planting material. Any business that values their clientele will have this information handy for your review.

When you need further assistance with pests or are interested in starting your own IMP plan, you can rest assured that the team at Southern Green will help you. Our business provides lawn pest control in Tampa, Florida, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami.