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Welcome to the Southern Green Lawn and Pest Control Blog!

1Welcome to the Southern Green Lawn and Pest Control Blog. Here we can discuss the important “know hows” of lawn care. Our objective is to get talking about Southern Green and the lawn care options in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas of Tampa / Brandon, Orlando and other areas of South Florida. Here are a few facts to introduce ourselves!

  • Age – Southern Green is currently 17 years old. National corporations are not designed the way we are. It is our idea to form a company differently. We are a company of quality and the customer always comes first.
  • Where We Came From – Southern Green began as a few owners deciding to do things their own way in the Florida lawn care industry. Our services include yard ant control, turf lawn care, lawn aeration, household pest control, and even yard pest control!
  • Where We’re Going – Now, at Southern Green, we have over 100 employees and an ever growing intent to be the best in the industry. We work hard to satisfy our customers with alternative methods, coming to you in a fast and efficient manner when you have lawn and pest concerns in your home.

Have any questions? We’re here for you at 813.814.7805 or reach us by email at info@southerngreenusa.com, for more information or provide feedback.