The Advantages of Bermudagrass for Homeowners

pest control jacksonville flBermudagrass is one of the most widely used warm weather grasses throughout the South, so it’s very likely you have seen it in a variety of places. Whether you are trying to upgrade your landscape or just interested in devoting more time to your lawn, there are many advantages to investing in a bermudagrass. Take a look at some of the advantages:

  • Dense Turf – If you are interested in a bright, medium green turf that is very dense, then bermudagrass is right for your lawn. This is one of the many reasons the grass is chosen for athletic fields.
  • Establishment – Bermudagrass establishes very quickly, which is ideal for someone interested in putting together a landscape in a fast manner. It also is able to out-compete most weeds.
  • Drought Tolerance – When you need a lawn that will tolerate those long stretches without any rain, Bermudagrass is an exceptional option.

It’s important to weigh your options before you settle on a new turfgrass for your landscape. When you have made the final decision, you can count on the Southern Green team to provide you with excellent lawn care and pest control in Jacksonville, FL, as well as many other cities throughout Florida. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.