The Advantages of Choosing Bahiagrass for Your Landscape

Lawn Care Tampa | SouthernGreenUSA.comIntroduced to the United States from Brazil in 1914, bahiagrass has become one of the top grass options for Southern states, including Florida. This is a low-maintenance grass that is known for living through even the most extreme summer conditions. Whether you are on the coast or in a rural area, bahiagrass can be a great choice for your landscape.

The biggest advantage of this turfgrass is that it has an extensive root system, which means it can stay strong through extreme drought conditions. Many people who live in areas that have infertile and sandy soils choose this option, as it is able to grow easily without a lot of fertilizer. Making bahiagrass an even more appealing choice, it has very few issues with diseases and, aside from mole crickets, it can stand up to most insects.

When you’re ready to grow your own bahiagrass landscape, you can establish this lawn as sod or seed.  While the sod method is more advantageous to rapid growth, it is generally more expensive and requires more work.  Seed, on the other hand, will take more time to grow, but is less costly. No matter what method you choose, it’s typically best to start the process during the spring or early summer months, before cooler weather will slow down growth.  Once your lawn is in place, contact the Southern Green lawn care specialists for assistance. We offer lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and many South Florida cities. Call us at (866) 767-0772 to inquire about our services and have someone come to your care for your lawn.