The Damage Caused by Chinch Bugs

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comHaving a chinch bug infestation can ruin your lawn! Aside from killing your grass, these little critters also lower your property value and make outdoor activities uncomfortable for you and your family. It’s imperative to recognize a chinch bug infestation quickly so that you can take action against it!

Typically, chinch bugs prefer sunny areas of St. Augustinegrass, including areas that are near sidewalks and driveways. While infesting your grass, these bugs suck fluids from your grass, turning it yellow and killing it. Chinch bugs generally feed in groups, so you may notice an increase in dead patches of grass as they travel throughout your landscape. These infestations usually happen from March to October in South Florida and April to September in North Florida. You can control these bugs with resistant grass, beneficial insects, or pesticides.

If you notice chinch bugs on your lawn, it’s best to call the professionals right away! You can contact the specialists at Southern Green to request affordable assistance with any pests that are ruining your landscape. We are known for providing exceptional lawn pest control in Tampa, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. Our team is ready to help you enjoy a comfortable, pest-free home.