The Disadvantages of Bermudagrass for Homeowners

lawn care st petersburg flIf you’ve ever been out on a golf course, played on an athletic field, or lived in a high-profile neighborhood, it’s likely you are familiar with bermudagrass. It’s one of the most widely used warm season grasses in the South, but it is not always the right choice for homeowners. Here are a few of the disadvantages to using bermudagrass:

  • Tolerance – Bermudagrass is known for having poor tolerance to many insects, disease, and nematode pests, which limits the use in most home lawn sites.
  • Aggressive Growth – This turfgrass is known to grow aggressively from aboveground and belowground stems that can invade landscape and flower beds very quickly. Additionally, this speedy growth encourages thatch buildup.
  • Shade and Cold – Typically, bermudagrass has trouble growing in the cold and in the shade. If you live in a chillier part of Florida or have a lot of trees, you may want to consider another grass for your landscape.

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