The Disadvantages of St. Augustinegrass

Lawn Care Jacksonville FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comThere are many different grasses on the market for your Florida lawn. Many homes feature St. Augustinegrass. Overall, this is a versatile grass that grows well in most areas throughout Florida, but it’s not always the perfect grass for your landscape. Before making your decision, be sure to review these commonly encountered issues with St. Augustinegrass:

  • Thatch Problems – This grass produces excessive thatch with frequent irrigation and moderate to high fertilization. Having too much thatch makes your landscape look patchy and unattractive.
  • Weather Tolerance – Some varieties of St. Augustinegrass are very susceptible to cold weather damage. If you are new to the area, check the temperatures to see if this option is right for you.
  • Corse Leaf Texture – Many people who walk barefoot on St. Augustinegrass find the leaves too coarse. If you plan on spending time on your lawn, make sure it’s not too coarse before you put it down.

If you already have St. Augustinegrass, don’t worry.  This doesn’t mean you have a “bad” lawn.  Every type of grass comes with advantages and disadvantages.  Educating yourself on the type of grass that makes up your Florida lawn can help you to take better care of it.  To learn more about avoiding issues like thatch and weather tolerance problems, or to completely update your landscape, come to Southern Green. We provide lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.