The Importance of Turf Density

Lawn Care Tampa | SouthernGreenUSA.comHave you ever looked at someone’s lawn and wondered how it looks so lush and green? It’s likely that these people have done research to make sure they chose the right grass for their landscape. Turf density is measured by the number of leaves or shoots per area. Whether you are interested in replacing your grass or just want to make sure your new lawn looks perfect, it’s a smart idea to choose a selection with a higher density and a fine leaf texture. These grasses generally produce high-quality lawns.

Hybrid Bermudagrasses and zoysiagrass generally are amongst some of the highest density grasses available for Florida landscapes. You can choose sod, sprigs, plugs and seed when you are planting bermudagrasses, while zoysiagrasses establish via sod, plugs, and sprigs. When choosing your new grass, you should stay away from bahiagrass, as it has a low stand density. Most of the other warm weather grasses have a medium density.

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