The Personal Touch – Lawn Care in Jacksonville, FL

Choosing lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, means finding a company that cares about your lawn. Anyone who has hired a typical lawn care business knows that many corporate companies come to your home, apply the same fertilizer, do the same maintenance services, and leave without even consulting with you about your needs. When you are seeking lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, with a personal touch, you can rest assured that the dedicated team at Southern Green can provide you with unparalleled treatments.

The most important aspect of our personalized lawn care service is that we speak directly to you to discover the landscaping goals you have in mind. Once we have talked about your needs, a staff member will take a look at your lawn to find out what kind of issues we are facing and how we can correct these problems. Your dream yard is in reach, it’s just a matter of picking up the phone and requesting lawn care in Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to providing you with a personalized analysis, our business always uses the best products available to take care of your lawn. When you choose lawn fertilization services, you can feel confident that we are using quality fertilizer that is made specifically for your Florida lawn. On the other hand, when you choose our lawn pest control services, you know that we are only using efficient and effective products that won’t do long-term damage to your landscape.

We don’t stop there! Our team gives you the advice you need to help you maintain your lawn and avoid problems in the future. We can show you how to properly water your plants, give you pointers on proper lawn mowing techniques, and provide you with additional info you need to make your lawn look wonderful!

Call Southern Green today and request lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida. Our team is ready to meet you and discuss your landscape goals. We have a huge service area, so don’t hesitate to call us and find out if we can help you when you need Lawn care in Jacksonville, Fl.