Tips to Help You Control Thatch – Lawn Service in Jacksonville, FL

Thatch, a layer of dead and living shoots and stems from your grass, can be a problem for your Florida lawn. Thatch problems include the restriction of air movement, making mowing difficult, and providing a place for insects to live. Southern Green, your source for the best lawn service in Jacksonville, FL, is here to help. Our team has put together a list of things you can do to help control thatch:

  • Proper Mowing Techniques – If you follow proper mowing techniques, you will not have a problem with thatch. This means making sure that you mow your lawn on a regular schedule that suits the season, as well as keeping your lawn mower at the proper height.
  • Lawn Aeration – Regular lawn aeration is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including preventing thatch from building up in your lawn. When you request our lawn service in Jacksonville, FL, our team will come to your location and use a special lawn aerator that will place tiny holes throughout your lawn to allow air, water, and fertilizer down to the roots of your grass, bypassing any thatch buildup.
  • Topdress with Sand – When you topdress your landscape with just a thin layer of sand, you bring soil microbes and moisture into contact with the thatch on your lawn, creating the perfect environment for decomposition. It is vital that you only topdress with a thin layer, as a thicker layer will create a layering effect that will exacerbate the problem.
  • Vertical Mowing – If your thatch is beyond these other simple steps, you will need to have vertical mowing performed on your lawn. These mowers will efficiently remove the layer. Once the grass is cleaned up, you should irrigate and fertilize the lawn.

Improve your landscape today by coming to Southern Green for lawn service in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida cities. Our business offers an excellent lawn treatment services that are customized to your needs. These services include but are not limited to fertilization, micro-nutrient treatments, broadleaf weed control, and insect control services. Contact us today to learn more about how your landscape could benefit from our lawn services.