Traffic Stress on Your Lawn

Lawn Care Jacksonville FLStress to your landscape caused by people or vehicles can damage a perfect lawn. Before you start letting people walk all over your lawn or park their cars in your front yard, you should understand how stress can affect your grass.

There are two ways that traffic can damage and even kill grass on your landscape. One of the most common ways is the injury of shoot tissue. This is when physical damage like tissue stripping, tearing, and abrasions can reduce the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves and kill the grass. The other way is damage to the roots from traffic weight. When the roots have been damaged, they won’t be able to get the water or nutrients they need to survive. It can be tough for most warm-weather grasses to recover from this kind of damage, with zoysiagrass recovering quickly and centipedegrass having the most trouble recovering.

When you need to revitalize your landscape, you can trust the team at Southern Green to assist you. Our business provides lawn care in Jacksonville, FL, as well as Orlando, Tampa, and cities throughout South Florida. From aeration to fertilization, we have the skills and knowhow to take care of your damaged landscape.