Using a Mulching Mower – Lawn Care Tampa

When purchasing a lawn mower for your Florida landscape, there are many aspects you should consider before making the investment. Lawn size, the type of grass you have, and the level of maintenance are amongst these points. From rotary mowers to reel mowers, the team at Southern Green, your source for lawn care in Tampa, in addition to many other cities throughout Florida, is here to help you take care of your landscape.

Whether you are doing your own lawn maintenance in Jacksonville or looking for lawn care in Tampa, it’s a wise plan to have a good mower on hand. Mulching mowers are made to cut grass leaves into small pieces that decompose quickly. Anyone who has had to suffer through a Florida heatwave emptying lawn bags knows that this can make your mowing experience much better!

There are many benefits to investing in a mulching mower – the most obvious being that clippings are returned to the ground. This reduces yard waste and recycles the nutrients back into the turf. Anyone concerned with their carbon footprint should consider investing in one of these mowers, as it prevents your yard waste from being in landfills, which has a positive effect on our planet. It doesn’t matter if you are doing lawn care in Tampa or another part of the state, it’s smart to buy one of these mowers.

Of course, as always, there are disadvantages to choosing a mulching mower. These selections do not work well on wet or tall grass, most models are pretty small, and the blades must be kept sharp or the mower does not work very well. If you are buying a new mower, consider the landscape and make the right choice for your needs.

Making sure your landscape looks perfect at all times is our business. The team at Southern Green is known for providing dependable lawn care in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. We can tackle bugs that are ruining your landscape, fertilize your landscape to make it look magnificent, or help to maintain your trees and shrubbery. When you are ready to get started, contact us. We know that you’ll be pleased when you sign up for lawn care in Tampa, as well as many other cities throughout Florida.