Using Pest-Free Propagating Material

Lawn Pest Control Tampa FL | SouthernGreenUSA.comStarting an integrated pest management strategy means finding the most logical ways to stop pests from infesting your landscape. There are many different IPM control tactics you can take that cover cultural, biological, and chemical strategies. Amongst these options is using pest-free propagating material.

Perhaps the easiest method of preventing pest infestation, pest-free propagating material is the perfect way to fight pests in your landscape. This is material, such as seeds, sprigs, and sod, which is completely free of pests. The state of Florida has a program to certify these materials.  Each bag of seed must include purity and germination percentage information, as well as info about weeds. If you are installing grass from sprigs or sod, you should take the time to check it for weeds, fire ants, or any other pests. You can also ask to see the results from a nematode assay of the planting material. Any business that values their clientele will have this information handy for your review.

When you need further assistance with pests or are interested in starting your own IMP plan, you can rest assured that the team at Southern Green will help you. Our business provides lawn pest control in Tampa, Florida, as well as Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami.