Watering your lawn in the winter? Here’s why it’s a must!

You’ve taken the proper steps during the spring and summer months to make sure your lawn and landscape are properly watered. You ran your irrigation system three times a week for seven months and now you’re ready to give those sprinkler heads a break. BUT, WAIT!! You can give your irrigation system a little break, but don’t put it to sleep.

Winter lawns still need water

Your grass may look dead, but it’s not. It’s just dormant due to the colder weather. Even though your lawn doesn’t look thirsty, the roots are still alive and well, and still need water to stay healthy. Turf root health is essential for proper grass growth in the spring and summer months. According to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), you shouldn’t change the amount of water applied each time you water your lawn but should change the frequency based on season.

So, how often should you water your lawn in the winter?

Licensed Irrigation Contractor, Alan Helquist, says, “Even though you may want to save money in the winter and think your lawn doesn’t need water, it’s essential to maintain a steady irrigation program during the colder months.” Helquist goes on to say that you need to water your lawn at least 1 day a week for 45 minutes per zone during the fall and winter months.

“Keeping those turf roots strong, watered, and healthy during the winter will produce tremendous results in the spring. Not watering during the winter to save a couple of bucks will cost you hundreds to thousands in sod replacement in the long run,” says Helquist.

The answer is simple. Make sure you still water your lawn during the cooler and colder months to keep it healthy for the spring and summer. All it takes is 1 day a week! Contact the expert irrigation technicians at Southern Green today and see how they can help you with your irrigation system.