What to Look for When Nematodes Infest Your St. Augustinegrass Lawn

lawn pest control jacksonville flIf you have had a St. Augustinegrass lawn for a while, then you know very well that there are several types of nematodes that can infest your landscape. Dealing with these creatures can be complicated because they are hard to see or not existent to the human eye.

Nematode problems typically occur around late April and early May, as well as late August and early September. Symptoms of nematode damage include issues like thin sand density, weakened root systems, and slow growth, as well as slow recovery time following rain or irrigation. To properly determine that you are dealing with a nematode infestation, you need to have a sample of your soil tested via a laboratory test.

If your test comes back positive, there are a variety of ways you can fight the infestation. Raising your mowing height, irrigating less frequently but with more water, and making sure you use potassium and phosphorus on your soil are all excellent ways to help eliminate the infestation.

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