Why Do I Have a Fire Ant Problem? – Fire Ant Control in Orlando, FL

Staying on top of landscape pest problems is a tough job. Whether you obsess over every minute detail or are just the type of person who does the minimal work, a pest problem can occur on your property. Southern Green, providers of fire ant control in Orlando, FL, and a wide array of other cities throughout the state, specializes in helping you get fire ants out of your yard. When ants start to take over your landscape, we are ready to fight the good fight!

Before you start dealing with your ant problem, it’s important to understand why you have an ant problem in the first place. The main reason ants move into your lawn is because the queen has decided to set up her colony in the area. Because ants need to survive, they start to wonder around your landscape, taking what they need for food and eventually make their way into your home. When you start to notice ants building hills in your landscape, it’s important to contact us for fire ant control in Orlando, FL.

Because our team has had years of experience providing fire ant control in Orlando, FL, as well as Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami, we know what it takes to really get down to the source of the problem. Many other pest control companies will only spray the grass, which will get rid of the ants that are on the surface of your landscape. This method doesn’t quite reach the queen and the rest of the colony underneath. Our team members use specialized techniques to target the actual mound, which prevents colonies from growing, birthing new queens, and making new colonies on your landscape or in your home.

Start enjoying your lawn again when you hire Southern Green for fire ant control in Orlando, FL, and other cities throughout the wonderful state of Florida. We are pest control specialists, taking care of a wide array of pest problems and helping you make your landscape look magnificent. Contact us today to ask any questions you may have about fire ant control in Orlando, FL, or Jacksonville, Tampa, and South Florida.