Your Lawn and the Human Body

OK, so you’ve signed up for a weed control, insect control, and fertilization program from a licensed chemical lawn care company. You’re optimistic and are looking for great results, hopeful that your lawn and shrubs will remain healthy and green. The main question is: How long should you stay with the service to get the best results possible? The answer is simple…

Stay with the program!

Just like you, your lawn and shrubs are living organisms. And just like you, living organisms need consistent care, nutrients, and attention.

Let’s compare the human body to your lawn. Imagine starting a healthy diet and you say you’re going to stick with your diet so you can be healthy. You start your diet and the first 2 months give great results. You’ve lost some weight, you have more energy, you’re sleeping better, and you feel great. You’re putting the proper nutrients in your body, you’re adequately hydrating by drinking plenty of water, and all this is due to you staying with your program. BUT, after 2 months, you decide that you can take a break from the diet. You stop taking in the necessary nutrients, you stop drinking plenty of water, and you stop staying with the program. What happens?! The weight comes back on and you become unhealthy again. And worse, you have to start all over to get the desired results!

The same is true for your lawn! This living organism needs proper nutrients, water, and attention. And it can’t be ‘start, stop, and start again’ like a bad diet. It must be consistent and constant, just like the health of your human body.

Don’t quit

A healthy lifestyle provides numerous benefits to the human body and needs to be steady and consistent. The longer you provide essential nutrients and water to your body, the better your body will be. This same concept applies to your lawn. Don’t stop giving your lawn the nutrients (fertilization), weed and insect control, and hydration (watering with your irrigation system) it needs. It can’t be sporadic, or your lawn will suffer the same as you would. We recommend staying on a chemical lawn care program for a minimum of at least 1 year. Treat your lawn as you would treat your body. The longer you take care of it, the better results you will have. Ask the experts at Southern Green USA how you can get those healthy lawn results you want.